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Multi Coloured British Flag Union Jack Light Switch or Dimmer Switch

Multi Coloured British Flag Union Jack Light Switch or Dimmer Switch
Multi Coloured British Flag Union Jack Light Switch or Dimmer SwitchMulti Coloured British Flag Union Jack Light Switch or Dimmer SwitchMulti Coloured British Flag Union Jack Light Switch or Dimmer SwitchMulti Coloured British Flag Union Jack Light Switch or Dimmer SwitchMulti Coloured British Flag Union Jack Light Switch or Dimmer SwitchMulti Coloured British Flag Union Jack Light Switch or Dimmer Switch

A Great British Union Jack flag light switch is the perfect way to add the final finishing touch to a newly decorated room. Not just for boys themed bedrooms but ideal for teenagers and adults too :) perfect for a modern hallway or kitchen, in fact, almost any room of your home!

Read below for full information and choose your light switch type from the box above. Unleash your inner designer, buy online today and install a light switch with style.

Postage is £3.49 for all UK orders under £24.

FREE POSTAGE for all UK orders of £24 and over.

Light Switch Type1 Way 400 Watt Rotary Dimmer Switch - Perfect for most bedrooms - NOT Suitable for LED Lights

2 Way 400 Watt Push-On, Push-Off Dimmer Switch - (Only necessary if you turn the lights on and off with 2 switches. ie - The stairs

Standard Push On/Off Light Switch - 1 or 2 Way

Varilight V-Pro (JQP401W) LED Dimmer Switch - Programmable Intelligent Dimmer Switch, ideal for many Dimmable LEDs - Push On/Off (+£3.00)

Order Comments

Multicoloured British Flag Light Switch – Install some Regal style in minutes

Light switches rarely evoke a strong reaction when it comes to style and design and often get overlooked but it´s the small details that make a difference in a room. Our totally unique range of funky multi coloured British Flag inspired light switches are the perfect way to add the finishing touch to girls themed bedrooms, modern hallways or a bright and vibrant kitchens, in fact, any room of your home or even the office.

All Candy Queen light switches have unique 3D creations so you can turn your lights on and off in style. Why buy a multi coloured British flag light switch cover when you can exchange the whole light switch for one which will quite simply demand attention by all who enter the room. Please take a look at our Gallery to see how a Candy Queen light switch could look in your home.

Handmade in the UK

We lovingly make all of our multi coloured British Flag light switches for you by hand in the UK in the ´Candy Queen´ workshop, a converted barn on a farm in Hertfordshire. The original light components are made for us by Varlight, a family company with an excellent reputation and a quality you can trust. We then customise them for you by hand. When buying from Candy Queen you can be safe in the knowledge you are buying fantastic quality products and also supporting UK industries.

Multi Coloured British Flag Gift Ideas

Candy Queen light switches make fantastic, totally unusual and original gifts with an almost guaranteed WOW factor! All of our light switches are packaged individually in clear presentation boxes with the ´Candy Queen´ logo. Gifts that will be used again and again and bring a smile every day.

Perfect British Flag inspired gifts for any occasion, unique birthday gifts, unusual Christmas presents and of course perfect house warming gifts, your shopping dilemmas are solved.

Choose Your Multi coloured British Flag Light Switch Type

This is not a flimsy British flag light switch cover but a fantastic quality, whole light switch unit which can be fitted in minutes and will make a simply stunning replacement to any funky British flag themed bedroom.

Please choose a style of British Flag Light Switch from the drop down menu at the top of the page, if you´re not sure which switch type is most suitable for you please visit our FAQ´s section for help :

1) - 1 Way 400 W Dimmer Switch (Rotary Knob) – With a rotary switch which makes a satisfying ´Click´ On/Off (Twist to the right to turn on) – Perfect for most bedrooms and lounges, a direct swap for flick switches

2) - 2 Way 400 Watt Dimmer Switch (Push On/Off) – With a push On/off action – 2 Way switches are necessary if you turn the same lighting circuit on and off with two switches – common on the stairs

3) - Standard Push On/Off Light Switch – Standard On/Off switches simply Push On and Push Off (the rotary knob turns around (359 degrees but the lights do not dim), a direct like for like swap for flick switches

Multi coloured British Flag Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches shouldn´t be dull and it´s good to save energy, especially when your new light switches will look this stylish ! Opt for a union jack dimmer switch to alter the mood of your room and save energy. Dimmer switches are perfect for creating ambient lighting in all rooms of the home and if you don´t want the lights to dim you can simply have them on full brightness.

It is not necessary to already have a dimmer switch installed to replace it with one of our funky versions. Flick switches can be replaced with a dimmer switch as a straight swap.  If you are using the dimmer switch in your kitchen please check the rating in case you need a higher wattage. Dimmer switches do not work with standard energy saving light bulbs but do work with ´Dimmable´ energy saving bulbs.

Our original light switches, before we start to loving customise them and make them look fab for you, are made by VARILIGHT® (the leading British manufacturer of dimmer switches and decorative electrical wiring accessories). VARILIGHT® dimmer switches and light switches have an industry-wide reputation for exceptional performance, long life and innovation.

Unleash your inner designer, buy online today and add the finishing touch to your multi coloured British Flag Inspired room within days.

We love to hear your comments so any feedback is always Hugely appreciated. It helps us to improve our products and service and your comments also help others buy in confidence. We don't believe in adding all our customer's details in our testimonials as we feel it's an invasion of their privacy but can promise you every single comment is 100 % genuine. Many Thanks, Candy Queen x

Read Customer Testimonials and Feedback from people who have bought from us below :

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Customer Reviews

Very pleased with Union Jack led dimmable light switch Works brilliantly with our led spot lights Thank you for a very friendly and promt service - Linda mcintyre
Just to say very impressed by your website, the fantastic products and your professional service. The kids are delighted with everything. - 8-FEB-11 Juliette
This is an absolutely SUPERB seller ! Carefully packaged, excellent product, you know this seller cares about the customer and product - 14-Apr-11 Mark Smith
All the best, and thanks for your understanding. Great customer service I must say. A rare treat in today's blame culture. - James
My brother-in-law absolutely loved the light switch and it was the correct fitting. When the room's finished I've told him to upload a picture of it and send it to you!! Thank you again for all your help and wishing you all a very Happy New Year!! - 28-Dec-10 Joanne B
Hello Karoline OMG……..that is just great, the new colours are so perfect you just don’t know. My son is going to be so over the moon, it’s going to make his new bedroom look even better. Thank you for your time. - 27-Jun-10 - Carol :O) See the link on our homepage for more customer testimonial details
Fantastic, spot on!! Just as promised, very speedy delivery, looks great, thanks. - 18-Aug-06 See the links on our homepage for more customer testimonials
Excellent excellent service and if I could give a higher rating I would. Will certainly be using them again and telling everyone about them. - 27-Oct-10 madscientist69 - See the link on our homepage for more customer testimonial details
Repeat customer Fantastic. - 10-Apr-07 See the links on our homepage for more customer testimonials
Lovely items, unusual, will make to great gifts!! very happy- Thankyou - 8-Sept-06 See the links on our homepage for more customer testimonials
I have received all the items this morning. Many thanks for your super speedy delivery, and once again your lovely packaging. I wish everything I bought on line was so efficient!
- Emily Byron
5 Out Of 5 Thrilled with item - 23-Jun-08 - Jacqueline t - See the links on our homepage for more customer testimonials details
Excellent design works a treat ! many thanks!! - 16-Aug-06 See the links on our homepage for more customer testimonials
The light switch was better than expected our friend was thrilled, he is an electrician so by lunchtime the switch was up and running! Thank you very much
- 1-Jun-10 Nicci
Arrived today and i love it. thank you. - 22-Jul-10 Simon, Dorset
Fantastic! Love your products - 22-Aug-10 - Mrs A.
Many thanks for sending the switch which I received yesterday. Once again many thanks for your lovely switches, everyone loves them! - Beatriz
Excellent, service, very helpful. We're delighted with the switch!! - 10-Aug-06 See the links on our homepage for more customer testimonials
The switch i ordered looks better than i expected!, the wrapping had a sticker on saying with love and you can see the makers at Candy Queen really do handle each package with love, this will make a great present and i will be ordering again in the future! Thank you Candy Queen there are still people that care about their products! - 31-Mar-10 Mr A. - See the link on our homepage for more customer testimonial details
Great - flexible seller, superb product! - Anjalitwin
I love the products I bought - and everyone that comes over comments how great the dimmer switches are. Also loved the way in which the items were packaged. - 26-Sept-10 Perminder P
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£3.49 for all UK orders

FREE Postage for all UK orders of £30 and over.

Orders are currently being dispatched within 2 to 3 days.

We are CLOSED All Day On a Wednesday.

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All orders are currently sent by Royal Mail First Class Business Post which should arrive to you within 1 to 3 days of the dispatch date.

We will email you with a dispatch date within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Thank you SO much for your patience and support and for knowing that when you're buying from a small business you are quite often buying from just one person doing all the things, alone, trying the Very Best they can, each and Every day of the year.

Overseas Orders - Please get in touch for a postage quote for an overseas order, we are able to post orders to almost anywhere in the EU.

We Are Sadly Unable To Send Orders To The USA & Canada.

Candy Queen Decorative Light Switches are available in the following styles :

1 Way (1 Gang) 400 Watt Rotary Dimmer Switch - Rotary ´Click´ On/Off
2 Way (1 Gang) 400 Watt Push On/Off Dimmer Switch - Push On/Off
Standard Push On/Off Light Switches

Varilight V-Pro (JQP401W) LED Dimmer Switch - Programmable Intelligent Dimmer Switch, ideal for many Dimmable LEDs 

(Low Voltage Dimmer Switch - Pirce On Request)

(1000 Watt Dimmer Switches – Price On Request)

Not all of our designs are available in each style, some are only available as dimmer switches.


All of the above light switches are recommended for mains voltage lighting only.

It is not always necessary to have a dimmer switch in the room already to fit a Candy Queen dimmer switch. You can generally have either a flick switch or an existing dimmer switch, either are very simple to replace. It is only the light switch which needs to be replaced, not the wires in the wall or the light fittings.

Depending on the style of light switch you choose, the lights will be turned on and off by either a rotary ‘Click’ On/Off action or a Push On/Off action. If you do not wish to have the lights dimmed on a dimmer switch simply turn on completely for full brightness.

Full fitting instructions are supplied with each light switch. Fitting is a simple procedure and regular flick switches can be replaced with a dimmer switch as long as your lights are suitable. Dimmers make great ambient lighting. Simply turn down and relax.


There are Four types of Decorative Candy Queen light switch to choose from : 

1 - A 400 Watt One Way Dimmer Switch is for 1-way circuits. This means that one light switch controls the lights – this is common in most bedrooms, kitchens, lounges etc. This is your standard classic dimmer switch for ceiling pendant lights without energy saving bulbs in them (Energy Saving Bulbs do not dim). One Way Dimmer Switch Instructions : 'Click Here' to Download Instructions.

2 - A 400 Watt Two Way Dimmer Switch is for 2-way circuits. This is where the same lights are controlled by two switches, (this is common on the stairs and some bedrooms) you must choose a Push-On/Push-Off 2 way dimmer switch to replace one of your switches and/or a standard On/Off switch to replace the other if you´d like to have two designer switches, (although it is not necessary to replace both switches). Two Way Dimmer Switch Instructions - 'Click Here' to Download Instructions.

3 - Our Standard On/Off Light Switches Push On and Off. They still have a rotary action but DO NOT dim the lights, they are simple on/off light switches. These can be used anywhere you have a dimmer switch or flick switch, as a direct replacement. These light switches are ideal for people who like the look of a dimmer switch but don’t particularly want the lights to dim. Please note, as these are Push-On and Push-Off the switch knob (Frog/Lizard etc) protrudes further than with a standard dimmer switches which look neater and have a satisfying ‘click’ action. Generic Wiring Accessories Instructions - 'Click Here' to Download Instructions.

4 - LED Dimmer Switches - Varilight V-Pro (JQP401W) LED Dimmer Switch - Programmable Intelligent Dimmer Switch, these are ideal for many Dimmable LEDs. 

Varilight V- Pro JQP401W Instructions - 'Click Here' to Download Varilight V-Pro JQP401W Instructions.

You can learn how to programme varilight V-Pro Dimmer Switches here:


Light Switch Plate Dimensions are - 85 mm x 85 mm

Please Note : Dimmer Switches are Not compatible with Energy Saving light bulbs. If used together either the bulb or the dimmer switch will burn out and no longer function. However, Dimmable Energy Saving light bulbs are now available, these are compatible with dimmer switches and can be used instead of a standard energy saving light bulb.

Dimmer Switch Quality Guarantee

Our original dimmer switches before we start to loving customise them and make them look fab for you are made for us by VARILIGHT. VARILIGHT® is the brand name of Doyle & Tratt Products Ltd, the leading British manufacturer of dimmer switches and decorative electrical wiring accessories. VARILIGHT® dimmer switches have an industry-wide reputation for exceptional performance, long life and innovation.

How To Install A Light Switch

Replacing a light switch is fairly straightforward, but you need to take great care as you are dealing with electricity which can be dangerous.  Please Seek Professional help if you have not changed your light switch before. These instructions are to only intended as a guide, you should reaseach the subject fully before attempting to change the switch switch your self if you are unqualified.

Step 1: Make sure you Turn the Power to the light switch Off at the main circuit breaker or fuse box. Test by turning the light switch on to make sure the Power is OFF. Tag the circuit box ´Man at Work/Do Not Touch´ or something similar so no one mistakenly turns the power back on while you´re working.

Step 2 : With a small screwdriver undo the two retaining screws that hold the cover plate onto the switch box and pull away the switch. (The cover plate is the piece of metal or plastic covering the switch.) Pull the switch away from the wall. The switch should come out a few inches, exposing the wires.

Tip : If it´s an old switch that has been painted around many times over the years a good idea is to score round it with a sharp knife. This stops you pulling away the paint work on the walls.

Step 3: Unscrew the small screws in the light switch terminals which hold the wires. Remove the wires making sure you tag which wire came from which screw (L1, L2 or C, they are also usually colour coded) with tape and reconnect them to the new light switch using exactly the same terminals .

NB You will see differing amounts of cable depending on what type of switch it is and how it has been wired. You´ll need to replace like with like and replace the cables in the same configuration. Make a note of what goes where and mark them with tape before you unscrew the cables. When you screw the cable to the new switch make sure they are nice and tight and no bare wire are showing.

Step 4: Make sure the wires are all firmly secured into the new switch terminal. Bend any extra sheathed cable neatly into the box so that it cannot be trapped by the new cover plate.

Step 5: Screw the new cover plate on, reconnect the power supply, then check the light works

NB Metal switches Must be earthed. The earth cable should be connected to the back box And the metal switch plate. If you´re replacing a plastic switch with a metal one and there is no earth cable to connect call a qualified electrician for assistance.
One way switch
A one way switch has a common (C) and Line out (L1) terminal.
The common is the main live coming in. The L1 is the switched live going out to the light. They will be marked so you can tell which is which. 
Two way switch
A two way switch (for switching a light from two different locations like in a hallway) has a common (C) a L1 and an L2 terminal. L1 is off when L2 is on and vice versa depending on the switch position.

Our On/Off light switches actually come two way as standard for use as both.

REMEMBER... If in doubt consult a qualified electrician. Changing a light switch is relatively simple but it’s a job for someone who has experience with electrics.

Please don´t hesitate to get in touch if you have any technical queries


Can i Order Over The Phone Please?

Of Course you can! If you can't face using the website checkout (we've tried to make it as easy and simple as possible) please call us on 0779 144 3010 to place an order. We'll be able to take your order details, your delivery address and card payment details over the phone. If we don't answer straight away, we might be in an order frenzy, at the post office or driving about on errands. Please do leave us a message though and we'll call you back as soon as we can. 

Can i choose my own backprint and rotary knob?

Yes, You can Pick and Mix Your Order!

Like the decorative Union Jack light switch with but would rather have a penguin on it for lighting the kids rooms? You can ´Have it Your Way´. Just let us know what you´d like and we can swop things around to make a design especially for you. Go on, put a lizard on the roulette wheel light switch, entice a Hermit Crab to climb onto the cupcake light switch, put a Polar Bear on the liquorice allsorts light switch, let your imagination go wild! 

We simply can´t put all the combinations on the website, there would be too many to choose from. However, if there is a combination that you´d like which would fit perfectly with your decoration just let us know. We can make the combination and send you a photograph of it so you can see what´s it´s like before deciding to buy.

What Do Your Previous Customers Have To Say?

You can read our customer testimonials on each of our product pages under the reviews button or head over to our Candy Queen Designs Amazon shop to see more  testimonials. You can let us know how you found our products and service for yourselves by leaving a product review online in the Review section of the product you bought. We´d love to hear from you so we can continue to improve our standards.

How do i work out which sort of switch i need?

Don´t worry, it´s REALLY easy! Take a look at our Technical section and read the questions below, where we hope all you´ll find all the answers you´re looking for.

I have a Dimmer switch at the moment, will it be easy to swap for a Candy Queen dimmer switch?

Yes, it´s a simple procedure which could only take a few minutes. It´s a direct swap to exchange your old plain dimmer switch for a new decorative dimmer switch. Instructions can be found in our Technical section and full instructions are included with every switch. MAKE SURE TO TURN THE POWER OFF AT THE MAINS!!!

How do i know if i need a One Way or a Two Way Dimmer Switch?

A one way switch is used where there is only one light switch controlling the lights, usually in most bedrooms. A two way switch is used where there are two switches controlling the same light. This is common on the stairs where there is one switch at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom. It can be found in bedroom too, where one switch is near the door and another near a bed, both of which control the same light.

Is there a difference in how the One Way and a Two Way Dimmer Switches work?

Yes. The One Way switches are all ´Rotary Switches´. This means they make a satisfying ´Click´ On and Off. You simply turn (´Click´) the rotary knob (Frog, Football etc) to the right to turn the light on, you turn it to have the lights on full brightness or less to have the lights dimmed. Simply turn back to the left to ´Click´ off.

The Two Way Switches are ´ Push´ On and Off. You ´Push´ the rotary knob (Frog, Football etc) to turn the lights On and then turn it to the right to turn the dimmed lights up. Push the switch again to turn the lights off.

Is there a difference in how the One Way and a Two Way Dimmer Switches look?

Yes, but only very slightly. The Rotary Knob (Frog, Football etc) on the Two Way switches are slightly more pronounced than on the One Way switches. It is approx another 4 mm in front of the switch as it needs extra space to ´Push´ On and Off.

Can i swap a normal On/Off Flick Switch Light switch for a Dimmer switch?

Yes, It´s generally a straight swap, especially in bedrooms where there is usually a pendant light. However, you can´t use a dimmer switch if you have wirewound low voltage lighting transformers, fluorescent bulbs, energy saving bulbs, fans or LED lights. We do have dimmer switches suitable for LED lights, you'll need to choose LED from the drop down box next to the product. Some designs of our light switches are Not available as LED dimmer switches.

If you have wirewound low voltage lighting transformers, fluorescent bulbs, or energy saving bulbs and fans you´ll need one of our Standard On/Off Switches or will have to use dimmable energy saving light bulbs.

How do the Standard On/Off switches work ? They look like dimmer switches!

Our standard On/Off light switches look exactly the same as the Two Way dimmer switches, the rotary knob even turns around BUT the light do NOT dim. These are simple On and Off switches. You just ´Push´ the rotary knob (Frog, Football etc) to turn the lights On and Off. You can use these switches as a direct replacement for on off light switches and most dimmer switches.

I´ve never heard of an ´On/Off´ switch which looks like a dimmer switch before? Is this Normal?

Yes, These switches are not very common and are usually used where people want the look of a dimmer switch but don´t actually want the lights to dim.

I don´t want a Dimmer Switch but i still want a Designer Light Switch!

You´ll need to buy our Standard ´On and Off´ light switch, these look just like dimmer switches but don´t dim the lights. They are simply custom made designer On and Off light switches.

I need a 1000 Watt dimmer switch for the lights in my Kitchen, can you help?

Yes, of course. We can make any of our designs as 1000 Watt switches. There will be a price increase as these switches are more expensive. Please get in touch for further details, price and availability

Can I use ´Energy Saving Light Bulbs´ with a Dimmer Switch?

You can´t use standard energy saving light bulbs but you can use ´Dimmable´ Energy Saving light bulbs. These have been available since September 2007 and are available to buy online or from major highstreet stores. Our dimmer switches have a minimum load of 60 Watts and a maximum Load of 400 Watts, you'll need to make sure your dimmable bulbs are suitable.

I´m still confused about which light switch type i need......

Please get in touch so we can help you! Simply email us or call us on 0779 144 3010 and we´ll try to help you with all your queries.

Do all your light switches have a CE stamp/approval ?

Yes. All Candy Queen Decorative Light Switches have a CE stamp.

CE Stamped - conforms to health, environmental, and safety regulations. CE marking is a declaration by the manufacturer that the product meets all the appropriate provisions of the relevant legislation implementing certain European Directives. CE marking gives companies easier access into the European market to sell their products without adaptation or rechecking. The initials "CE" do not stand for any specific words but are a declaration by the manufacturer that his product meets the requirements of the applicable European Directive(s).

Will i need an Electrician?

Changing your light switches can be a really simple job which could only take a matter of minutes for someone has done it previously. Please read our Technical page for further information.

However, if you´re not confident to change your light switch yourself, we do advise getting an Electrician to do it for you. You will also unfortunately need to get an Electrician to change over any Kitchen or Bathroom light switches as it is now Illegal to do it yourself.

Can I use a ´Candy Queen´ Light switch in all rooms or the home?

Yes, with the exception of the Bathroom as these usually have a pull cord light switch.

What age group are the switches for?

Any age group! Although our decorative light switches appeal particularly to children we sell a large proportion of our them for adults, especially the Golf Balls, Guitar Plectrums, Music Notes and Champagne and Wine Corks. Many of the ´Cake´ designs are sold to go in kitchens and the light switches with a large rotary knobs are perfect for elderly or people who have problems turning lights on and off with the small standard rotary knob.

Can You/Do you make double dimmer switches?

Not yet! Unfortunately as the two rotary knobs are so close together on a double dimmer switch we can´t replace them with our designer Rotary Knobs. When the lights are turned on and off the two designer Rotary Knobs would touch and the light would not turn and off. We´ve had so many requests for double dimmers that we´re working on some designs to get round the problem.

Do your light switches work in Europe? or Overseas?

Unfortunatley not. The light switches online at present do not work in Europe in anywhere apart from the UK.

What size is the switch plate?

The switch plates are square plates with rounded edges which measure 8.5 cm by 8.5 cm.

I want to give the light switch as a gift, is it nicely packaged?

Yes. All our switches are packaged in Clear PVC boxes which show the product perfectly finished off with product stickers and the Candy Queen Logo. Full instructions and returns information is included with each switch.

I´m not sure which light switch to choose, can i buy a gift voucher for someone instead?

Yes. We can send you a Gift Voucher rather than a light Switch so the recipient can choose their own design. We´ll be loading an online gift voucher soon but for the time being please email us for further information

Can i return my light switch if i choose the wrong style?

Of course you can. If you´re not happy with your purchase when it arrives for any reason or if you choose the wrong design or style of switch simply return it (at your own expense) and we´ll give you a full refund or send you another switch (at our expense) which ever you decide.

How long will my order take to arrive?

We try to send out orders as soon as possible. Wherever possible we try to send most order between one and three days of receiving an one and three days of receiving an order.

Still Need Help?

Please email us or call us on 0779 144 3010 for help, we´ll add the answers here to help everyone else too : )