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Fish Door Knobs

Animal door knobs are a Fast and Easy way to transform your furniture and these queen trigger fish drawer knobs are no exception.

Ideal for cupboards, drawers, wardrobe doors or anywhere you need a decorative knob.

A Perfect finishing touch to put the ´WOW´ factor into a bathroom, coastal living space or sea life themed nursery or bedroom, you´re almost guaranteed to have the most unusual furniture knobs around.

Mix and match this unique knob with my other animal knobs for a unique and eclectic look on your furniture! You'll love how these unique knobs look in your home and quickly transform your space.

Made by Candy Andrews ~ Candy Queen Designs

Fish Drawer Knobs ~ Fish Furniture Knobs for Drawers, Cupboards and Wardrobes
Fish Door Knobs ~ Set of Six ~ Fish Furniture Knobs for Cupboards, Drawers and Wardrobe Doors