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Candy Queen Light Switch & Drawer Knob Commissions

Candy Queen Decorative Light Switch and Children´s Drawer Knob Commissions

Let your imagination run riot........ If you can think of it, we can probably make it for you..............or at least we´ll give our best shot! Commissioned decorative light switches and kids drawer knobs will take a little longer to make and may cost a little bit more too. Take a Peek at a few examples of past Candy Queen light switch and drawer knob commissions.


Customised Cupboard Knobs

Personalised Logo Cupboard knobs for a talent agency and personalised MnM´s cupboard knobs, preserved forever :)



Customised Light Switches

A bat light switch for a boy, a party ring light switch for a kitchen in Wales, an aeroplane light switch for a pilot, a Lima for a Teacher and Sushi light switch for a japanese student! New for 2014......a Peccary Pig crossing the road, a Star for a Star and a Wonderland Weasel!

Wonderland Weasel Light Switch









Please don’t hesitate to call or email to discuss your requirements


We can make customised or personalised light switches, dimmer switches and cupboard knobs to your specification.

Customised resin cupboard knobs, designer resin drawer knobs and custom resin cupboard handles, one off cabinet drawer knobs and custom cabinet pulls all Handmade in UK.