Decorative Light Switches by Candy Queen Designs – The end of an era!

Ok, so here’s the MASSIVE business decision that I finally made at the weekend.

It feels about as crazy as this cow light switch and is a decision that I’ve been thinking about for quite a while now, ok, maybe a couple of years. This time rather than making a half hearted decision it’s time to face the fear and do it anyway. Time to take a leap of faith. Time to take action rather than just think about it.

Ready? (*deep breath)

After 16 years i’ve made the decision to stop making my decorative light switches. 

Eeeeek!! Yeah i know right!? AHHHHHHHHHHH!!

It’s been sixteen whole years since i made my first light switch (in 2002). Sixteen years since i started selling them on a market stall in St Albans, fifteen years since i did two or three trade shows and sold them in shops and mail order catalogues across the country. Fourteen years since my first website, Eight years since Jeremy Clarkson showed one on his Top Gear Christmas Special, four years since one of the Spice Girls bought one! (i’m not saying which one ; )

In the last sixteen years i’ve made literally thousands, upon thousands of light switches and i Love them and believe in them as much now as when i started in my first workshop. I’ve had five different workshops since then and moved house three times, loved ones have died, children have joined the family, we got a dog and i’ve got married, there’s so many memories to look back on through my journey : )

But like all good things it must come to an end, the world has moved onto LED light switches now and things are not as straight forward as they once were. I have more ideas and plans then i could ever execute in this lifetime so it’s time to move on to something new.

It’s time to listen to my heart more than my head, time to take a seriously well earned break and time to go out in a blaze of glory rather than fade away. What am I going to do instead? (as I’m about to discontinue half the products on my website!?) I’m going to give myself some time to make all the things that I’ve REALLY wanted to make over the last couple of years. Those ideas that are piggy backing around on me all week and just won’t leave me alone, those ones that are shouting in my ear when it’s quiet ‘WHEN IS IT MY TURN!? WHEN WILL YOU MAKE ME!?’ The light switches have stopped talking, they seem happy to have had their time but i can no longer drown out the voices of all the others they just keep getting louder and louder and appearing again and again and i know they won’t stop until I start.

Am am worried? Scared? Anxious? Waking up in the night having nightmares about it? Yep, all of those things. BUT, i’m Also excited! There’s a part of me that’s REALLY EXCITED!! and in my heart i know it’s the right decision.

I’m making myself publicly accountable for now before i talk myself out of it again. I’ve put lots of light switches in the Sale so best get them whilst you can because when they’re gone they’re gone!


Dinosaur Knobs for a Themed Bedroom, Dinosaur Cupboard or Drawer Knobs

Dinosaur Knobs – A Perfect finishing touch to put the ´WOW´ factor into a dinosaur themed bedroom.

For all of you asking, we just wanted to let you know that sadly our dinosaur cupboard knobs are sadly now Extinct! : (

Trust me, i’m as disappointed as you are, especially after ten years of making them. It makes me so sad to let you all down, particularly when i find out you’ve designed a whole room around them!

I’m determined not to be beaten by the beasts though and am currently working on a Bigger and Better set for release in 2019!

Perfect for children´s dinosaur themed bedrooms but also ideal for other rooms of the home or the playroom. You´re almost guaranteed to have the most unusual furniture knobs around.

Totally original and customised for you in Great Britain they make great unique dinosaur gifts.

Learning How to Upcycle Furniture with Wallpaper and Fusion Mineral Paint

Some Exciting News!

In my determination to try and live 2018 in a ‘spirit of growth and learning’ i booked myself onto a furniture upcycling workshop in London this May with the Absolute Legend that is Zoe Pocock of Muck n Brass. In turn i forged myself a whole new career path, a new lease of life and a new product passion in the space of a month.

I was given a rather tired looking set of bedside drawers earlier in the year by my sister which were just perfect to pimp under Zoes expert guidance. I ordered a ridiculous amount of wallpaper samples from ‘Wallpaper Direct’ and made all sorts of matches and combinations with my animal cupboard knobs, the choices are almost endless!

Over the course of a few weeks i narrowed the designs down to my top three. As usual i got far too excited with all the ideas and in the end i decided i’d just have to make all three!

My first choice of Wallpaper was Lemurs by Albany and Pink Fusion Mineral Paint.


I shouldn’t really take all the credit for my first piece of upcycled furniture as Zoe taught me how to do it, told me all the hot tips and secrets and was just Incredibly all round Awesome. I had a one to one day with her, just me and her in the workshop!? Seriously, that’s a trillion times better than winning the lottery to me!! 💕🌟 It’s made my year already! 👊🌟 The real test is going to be making my next piece by myself! But not long to wait as i went out first thing this morning and bought some more drawers! 

Decorative Cupboard Knobs for a Woodland, Mountain or Outdoorsy Themed Bedroom

After much anticipation, our BIG Bear Cupboard Knobs, Drawer Knobs and Decorative Knobs are NOW IN STOCK!

Our BIG bear cupboard door knobs are a great finishing touch for new or tired furniture and suitable for any room of the home. Maybe you’ve got a mountain theme and would like to add some character to your furniture, or maybe your little one just really loves bears!

The perfect way to add fresh life to a piece of furniture, our cupboard knobs are exceptionally easy to install. They are suitable for drawers, cupboards, wardrobes, and dressers – anything that needs a knob!

Our bear cupboard knobs are MUCH BIGGER than the rest of our animal cupboard knobs (see dimmensions below) so please bear that in mind when mixing and matching an order of animal cupboard knobs.

Add an outdoorsy vibe to your child’s mountain or woodland themed bedroom.

Made from:

Hard Plastic Bear with a Metal Screw.


Standing Bear (2 Feet on ground) 11 tall x 4 cm wide.

You can even complement your cupboard knobs with a coordinating bear light switch!

Rockerbilly Room Decor ~ Decorative Rockerbilly Knobs ~ Artist Collaboration ~ Rockerbilly Furniture

Rockerbilly Room Decor

This week’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ is actually very recent, a very exciting Rockerbilly themed project from the last few weeks but as it’s the very last of the stock i’m featuring it as a throwback Thursday……

These are the decorative rockerbilly inspired cupboard knobs i used to make, it seems the less stock i have the more and more popular they become!

They adorn a famous airstream coffee shop in Amsterdam, a Rockerbilly themed trailer in Georgia and proudly complete the look in numerous Rockerbilly inspired kitchens across the UK.

A few weeks ago i had an email from an artist the Netherlands asking if we had any stock left as they would complete the look of a bespoke piece of furniture which he was making.

The team up was clearly meant to be as THIS is the outstanding work of art that he created.

Seriously, check out the details!


I’m in Awe!

If you’d like to commission your own piece of furniture the amazing Artist is called Vance Reaburn and you can find him on Instagram: 


So, that was the last of the Rockerbilly cupboard knob stock! I’m pretty Excited that they went to Such a GREAT home!

It’s a long story why i can’t make any more stock at the moment which i won’t bore you with………but i’m strongly considering making more decorative Rockerbilly knobs in 2018!

Decorative Knobs for Kids ~ Panda Cupboard Knobs and Drawer Knobs

Our decorative panda cupboard knobs are now available as a set six or or individually so you can pick and mix your animal knobs to your hearts content.

A simple and effective way to transform the furniture in a child’s room. Ideal for drawers, wardrobes and cupboards, perfect in a bedroom or a monochrome nursery. They are almost guaranteed to brighten up a tired piece of furniture.



Willy Wonka Window Display Commission ~ I Won the Golden Ticket!

I thought i’d do a few Throwback Thursdays and each week show you something from the archives. Something i created, generally as a one off, usually an experiment, sometimes just for fun or a commission for a client.

This was somewhere between 2003 and 2005, i can’t remember the exact year but i do know i used a real camera to take the pictures and got them printed off at Boots….which makes it feel pretty old!

It was a commission for a sweet shop in Covent Garden to go in a Willy Wonka themed window.

The brief was ‘a big bag of sweets with a golden ticket in it and 50 sweet brooches.

Seriously, my Dream commission!!

Possibly the Heaviest bag of Pick n Mix Ever!!

I wonder where it is now……………..

Lucky Dip Club ~ Sock and pin subscription box ~ Happy November! A New Month & New Socks!!

Happy November!!

Seriously, how!?

My Lucky Dip Club monthly surprise sock and pin box has arrived in the post to brighten up the week, so here’s my obligatory sock shot for the first day of the month!

Designed each month by a small creative business, this month it’s the uber talented Toni Bee of In Colourful Company and sunny sunshine Jo Want and the theme was FOOD which is always a good theme in my opinion!

Advocado on toast is my allllll time favourite thing on toast so yep, i totally took this picture in about 10 seconds flat and have devoured the toast like a dog finding a sausage in the road…..nom nom nom

Last months Lucky Dip Club Socks were Pencil Power! Check these BEAUTS out!!

You can buy a pair here:

and here’s a little more about the marvellousness that is  the ‘Lucky Dip Club’.

Lucky Dip Club brings colour, fun and positivity into the world whilst promoting independent artists and inspiring our subscribers to follow their creative dreams.

Lucky Dip Club

More than a box; Lucky Dip Club is a lively community and your own personal cheerleader. We’re passionate about supporting and encouraging independent creativity from the artists we collaborate with to the participation of our subscribers. Becoming part of Lucky Dip Club is an exciting opportunity to meet hundreds of like minded women; join us in the Secret Subscriber’s area, get involved in the activities in our Closed FB Group, submit work to our Girl Planet publication, come to a meet-up. It’s up to you how much you’d like to get involved. Lucky Dip Club’s door is always open to creative ideas and we’re here to spread joy and happiness. If you ever feel like you need a hand to lift you up, a pop of fun and colour to brighten your day, a tale of adventure or a crafty idea to inspire you then come on in, what are you waiting for?

Leona Thrift-ola

Lucy Dip Club is run by Leona. Over the past 15 years she’s run many different types of businesses from jewellery to thrifting to tea shoppes. There’s one thread which links them all and that’s her passion to deliver a super fun product that makes you feel like a kid in a candy store. She started Lucky Dip Club to deliver a monthly confetti cannon of colour and fun to letterboxes around the world and to her delight the most awesome group of women have come together to create the Girl Planet community which spreads joy and happiness through our love of creativity and colour. Her mission for the club is to create a positive platform which makes all our subscribers feel they can achieve whatever they want to. Lucky Dip Club is a heartfelt high five from a good friend and Girl Planet is safe space for friendship and fun.

Take me Back to DREAMLAND! (Margate)

As Summer draws to an end and Autumn rolls in (my favourite time of the year) i’ll be left with one stand out memory of Summer in particular, a day out at Dreamland Margate with the amazing ‘In Colourful Company’ and Lucky Dip Club gang…….just look at the sea of colour!

Organised by Toni Bee and Leona Thriftola (real name sort of ; ) two Amazing and inspiring business women the day went like a dream.

We had unlimited turns on alllll the rides although i mostly spent my time of whizzing down the slide!  

The absolute highlight of the day (and kind of the reason i went ; ) was going on the WORLD’S BIGGEST BOUNCY CASTLE!!! Such Utter joy!

Thank you Dreamland for giving us a special den area to camp out and catch up in and thank you thank you LuckyDipClub &  InColourfulCompany

for organising such an amazing day out to remember for years to come.

If you Love Colour, are a small creative business or just fancy a great day out on a colour walk go check them out and join in the fun : )


Summer Sale – Decorative Light Switches, Animal Cupboard Knobs & Varilight Retro Lily Range of Switches and Sockets

Holy Crow! How is it even June already!?

I’ve got SO many new ideas in the pipeline, new animals to pimp, new light switch designs, a laser project, spray paints to play with and a new collection to start AND finish!
SO, we’re having a Summer Sale, for the next three months we’ll be adding more items each week to clear the office and workshop for all the Autumn newness.

These designs won’t be making an appearance again, when they’re gone they’re gone Forever so grab a bargain whilst you can!