Decorative Pastel Green Light Switch ~ Perfect for a New Nursery or Children’s Dinosaur Bedrooms

Another cheeky little Stegosaurus has just gone live and is now online and ready for adoption. He’s now available on a pastel beryl green steel metal face plate.

We’re expanding our range of retro metal face plate light switches this year to give a modern feel to a nursery or bedroom but with a twist of fun.

Ideal for anyone mesmerised by the Mesozoic era, a Candy Queen decorative dinosaur light switch is the perfect addition to a new nursery, a child’s bedroom or even the lounge!

Simply rotate the Stegosaurus to turn on the dimmer switch for the perfect level of light.

Low Level Lighting For The Nursery with a Decorative Pink Dimmer Switch

We’re ending the week with a bit of Candy Queen newness. Our new range of pastel nursery light switches are almost complete, here’s the first of the batch going live today.

Perfect for a cow-themed kitchen, nursery or bedroom, this light switch features a sweet black and white cow on a pastel pink metal light switch.

Simply turn the cow to get perfect lighting for any occasion, making this switch the perfect choice for dining rooms, kitchens, nurseries, and children’s bedrooms.

Dogs, Polar bears, Pandas and Dinosaurs are next on today’s light switch list……………but not before tea and a river walk.

Happy Friday folks!

Decorative Light Switches ~ A peak in the archive today for a kitchen light switch

It’s throw back Thursday! Back to the days of the fondant fancy light switch. The days of setting party ring biscuits in resin and eating All the left overs! I Love looking back at the archives and seeing all the designs we’ve made over the last 14 years…and wondering how many people still have them in their homes!

We still have a few of these available, a great decorative light switch for the kitchen and an almost guaranteed talking point!

Happy New Year!! Decorative Light Switches and Pastel Plug Sockets are our 3000th order…HURRAH!!

First day back in the office today and we’re starting as we mean to go on. This year i’m determined to celebrate every milestone, every success and everyday of having an awesome job!

Today we had our 3000th order on our new website, HURRAH!! Mega Huge Grins all round. 😆The order was fairly small, for some duck egg blue pastel plug sockets and decorative light switches……..but that’s not the point, the point is that was the 3000th order! HELL YEAH!! We sent the customer a Massive tin of sweet shop favourites to say thanks for your support, thanks for choosing us, thanks for being Awesome and mostly, just thanks for helping me (Candy Queen Karoline) have the best Job In The WORLD!!

2017 is going to be about lots more Animals, lots more Candy Queen Creations, lots more fun and lots more Happiness : )

Happy New Year to you all, Hope it’s an AMAZING one,

Much Love,

Candy Queen x

Football Bedroom Accessories, Team Football Light Switches for Children’s Bedrooms

Our decorative football light switches have had an end of year revamp and are now available with a bigger football and in team colours too. Come on you Reds!…..or Blues!  Perfect for your football-mad child – a perfect finishing touch for a football themed bedroom.


Chelsea, Everton, Leicester…, Arsenal, Man U, Liverpool … the blue or red colour instantly shows their allegiance! It will, quite simply, demand the attention of all who enter the room.


They’ll love the individual detail of their own unusual football light switch, simply turn the football to turn on the light!

The red and blue epoxy coated steel metal light switch features an attractive curved-edge and raised-profile faceplate, simple, yet stylish it will give your home a modern feel.Superb Quality Optimised Performance with adjustable minimum Brightness and choice of dimming modes.


Don’t let the kids have all the glory! Install a designer football light switch in your lounge or games room instead of a dull white plastic light switch, then sit back and wait for the compliments.

Football cupboard knobs coming soon!

Decorative Light Switch for Children’s Bedrooms or Nursery with Black and White Panda

Today has been ALL about Pandas. Pandas, Pandas Pandas. We’ve got a new Panda and she’s just the cutest. As of this afternoon she’s now available on pink polka dots, coloured spots, in the traditional grass version and on a sleek chrome light switch plate. She’s suitable for the Nursery or even the lounge and as always if one of the available backgrounds is unsuitable for your decor you can mix and match our designs so you have a light switch perfect for you!

Next up is a well earned tea break and tonight may well be about Wine, Wine Wine! Happy Fridayyyyyyyy!!!!


Meet The Maker – Designer Maker of Decorative Light Switches and Children’s Cupboard Knobs

Not entirely sure anyone needs to see a close up of my grinning chops this morning but now and then it’s good to see the face behind the brand.




This is the Me who Makes All Your orders. This is the Me who answers All your emails and packs them safely and this is the Me that legs it to the post office with a sack load of your orders each afternoon.

So whilst your here, i’d just like to say…….THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your orders lately.

Each one is still received with a Shriek of Delight and a desk dance (or a bed dance, or a street dance or a dog walking dance depending on when it’s spotted).

Thank you all for helping me live my Dream Life and my Dream Job, it Really is Hugely appreciated xx

Jungle Book Bedroom Accessories – Bear Bedroom Decor Light Switches

Well Hello Bear! I can’t believe that in 13 years of making decorative light switches no one has Ever asked us for a Bear Light Switch! Until Today.

(HURRAH!! We Love a New Challenge : )

bear-in-the-bluebell-woods-light-switch-by-candy-queen-designs bear-light-switches-1-copy

We’ve got a Black Bear Cub and a Grizzley Bear cub to choose from. They are available on almost any background of your choice but to make life easy we’ve chosen to home them in the Bluebell Woods, on a Beautiful Beryl Green Metal Varilight light switch, on lush green grass or in a Jungle setting.

grizzly-bear-light-switch-for-childrens-jungle-themed-bedroom-by-candy-queen grizzly-bear-light-switch-7 brown-bear-cub-light-switch-for-jungle-book-themed-bedrooms-by-candy-queenanimal-light-switch-by-candy-queen-designs


Designer Light Switches with a Difference.

Superhero Bedroom Decor Accessories Light Switch for Superheros

BOOM! POW!! Hello New Week, Hello New Super Hero Light Switch! Add some POW! and a bit of BOOM! to your child’s bedroom with our superhero light switch, inspired by classic comic book designs.

BOOM POW! lightswitch image 1BOOM POW! lightswitch image 2Boys Super Heroes Bedroom Decor Light Switch by Candy Queen Designs BOOM (1) Boys Super Heroes Bedroom Decor Light Switch by Candy Queen Designs BOOM (2)2 - POW Super hero Light Switch (2) 2 - POW Super hero Light Switch (1)

Lilac Light Switches for a Nursery or Bedroom with a Lovely Leopard

You Lovely lot, here’s some Lilac Leopards!

Lilac Leopard Light Switches for a nursery or childs bedroom by candy queen designs

I LOVE it when a customer gets in touch with a commission combination that we either haven’t thought of to put together or that’s just a little bit crazeee cool. Today’s Mission Commission is a pair of lovely lilac Leopards. HURRAH for Awesomely Creative Candy Queen Customers! x

Lilac Leopards (4)

Lilac Leopards (11)